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Structure Stabilisation

Consultancy, investigation, supply and installation of ties, bands, anchoring systems and remedial works for the stabilisation of buildings and structures including listed and historic buildings.

Geothermal Heating Systems

HOLEQUEST provide Drilling services in conjunction with approved Geothermal Heating Suppliers, to provided Ecological Heating Systems which harness the grounds natural heat through a series of linked boreholes.

Diamond Core Drilling

A full range of diamond core drilling services from 25mm to 300mm diameter.

Cintec Anchor Systems 

HOLEQUEST are approved suppliers and installers for Cintec Anchoring Systems. The ‘Cintec’ system applications range from sophisticated wall ties to solid bar structural anchors over thirty meters in length. 

Archtec Anchor Systems

HOLEQUEST are approved installer of Archtec Anchor Systems for strengthening bridges. This system is a highly versatile and economic grouted sock anchor system, which improves the load carrying capacity of a bridge.




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