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Ground Investigation

A comprehensive range of ground investigation services ranging from simple hand-dug inspection pits and logging to undertaking all aspects of ground investigation for major projects including bridges, tunnels, sewers, highways, dams, factories and housing.

Marine Site Investigation

Site investigation for marine structures such as harbour walls.

Contaminated Site Investigation

Investigation of contaminated sites and the installation of gas and leachate monitoring points, wells and more. Provision of a full decontamination unit for operatives working on highly contaminated areas in accordance with current health & safety requirements, personnel protection equipment, gas monitoring and breathing equipment.

Laboratory Testing

The Laboratory offers a full range of testing services for soils, rocks and construction materials. HOLEQUEST operate a fully computerised database for the production of borehole records, trial pit records and other laboratory test data.

Geotechnical Works

HOLEQUEST undertake most geotechnical engineering in-house, installing tie rods and ground anchors to bridges, retaining walls and foundations, tying and bolting rock fissures, grouting and pressure pointing masonry structures. The design and installation of micro and mini piling systems for remedial and new build, underpinning for differential settlement, etc, along with design and construction of specialist foundation solutions.


HOLEQUEST offer micro & mini piling solutions up to 300mm diameter using hollow stem augers, rotary percussion with temporary and permanent casing.

Rock Anchors

HOLEQUEST undertake the supply, design and installation of permanent and temporary rock anchors for many engineering applications.

Platipus Anchor Systems

HOLEQUEST are approved suppliers and installers of Platipus Engineering Systems; earth anchoring systems for a wide range of engineering applications such as retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control, guyed structures, pipeline anchoring, and more.


HOLEQUEST are approved suppliers and installers of CINTEC INTERNATATIONAL LTD grouted anchor systems, used for a wide range of repair / strength projects such as historic buildings, bridges, retaining walls and housing repairs.

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